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SWIA Church

United States 1 Mar - 06:39 PM

Reviewed The Ten Commandments Articles! Great!

Joann Clark

United States 1 Feb - 04:08 AM

I want to learn more about Islam


Nigeria 22 Jan - 06:47 AM

As Salaam Aleikum, I truly am enjoying this web site. After a couple I am still enjoying it. May Allah bless you all for making it available. Shukran


United States 5 Jan - 09:04 PM

I'm a new revert. Finding it overwhelming to pray in a language I don't speak or understand. Reading as much information from the internet and books I've purchased and videos on YouTube. The more I learn the more overwhelmed I become. I took the Shahada last week and I know in my heart I made the right decision. Is this journey this overwhelming for everyone - or just me? Thank you for all the work you put into your website. I will come back often for help and guidance.


Pakistan 25 Dec - 10:46 AM

I want to learn about Islam

Kolleen M Markel

United States 24 Oct - 08:42 PM

I am here to learn as much as I can from a truthful source. Thank you

John Nix

United States 22 May - 09:52 PM

I promise to be a good muslim


Tanzania, United Republic of 15 Dec - 03:38 PM

I'm very much enlightened alhamdullilah


Philippines 30 Oct - 02:37 AM

I really want to become a muslim and to learn and to understand the language


South Africa 26 Oct - 03:38 PM

Hi. I am very interested to read your Muslim books. Thanks.


Netherlands 4 Sep - 11:38 PM

Allah is great!

Victor Kamau

Kenya 1 Sep - 03:12 PM

i want to become a muslim since all my life i have had no religion and faith to rely on

Tobias Korir

Kenya 17 Jul - 12:11 PM

I am a new concert and I love Islam alot


Canada 22 Mar - 12:39 AM

I love you Islam


India 8 Jul - 08:20 PM


Vikki Ramdass

Trinidad and Tobago 25 May - 01:08 AM

I am a recent revert


Israel 18 Apr - 06:08 PM

I still cannot find better website than this one. moreover, I also like the reviews here a lot.

Lewis Brown

Unknown 25 Aug - 05:07 PM

I went here to learn more about Islam as I am a Christian. Lots of good information about Islam.

Vincent Phillips

South Africa 24 Aug - 04:43 AM

I am a convert to Islam and for many years opposed at every turn by way of intellectual discourse and 'proof' that Islam is a religion of tyranny and misconceptions, met Shanaaz and through that chance meeting decided for myself that I have no choice but to submit to the will of Allah.


Nigeria 8 Aug - 04:15 PM

I want to learn about the religion before converting.

alysia fuller

United States 7 Jul - 10:37 PM

I want to learn more about Islam

Hannah sesay

United States 8 May - 06:33 AM

I want to know more about Islam


Pakistan 4 May - 12:23 PM

Want to learn Islam and spread it!

yaseen magsi

Pakistan 2 May - 06:07 PM

Assalam Allaikum how are you all i am yaseen magsi i am a muslim i am luckyone bcz i born in a muslim family and specially i am ummati of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH thanks GOD

Mehedi Hasan

Bangladesh 13 Apr - 04:21 AM

i want to understand comperative religion


Pakistan 22 Mar - 07:55 PM

aoa please! do more for Chinese people.

sabrina annika

Switzerland 21 Mar - 01:45 AM

I was so glad to talk to someone and getting answers. Inshallah I will convert very soon to Islam


United States 23 Feb - 11:09 PM

I took my Shahada with Imam on Feb. 14 (and again on Feb 15 at masjid) after spending countless hours researching Islam in depth. This site was a tremendous help! Thank You!


Germany 20 Feb - 09:56 PM

Iam very thankfull and proud to have Chance to becam a Muslim. Inside me something tell me thtis ist the true Religion an belive in the Lord.

Jose Ribamar Mellonio

Brazil 14 Feb - 08:26 PM

I am a truly converted Muslim. And fully satisfied. Sou muçulmano verdadeiramente convertido. E plenamente satisfeito.


India 9 Feb - 08:40 AM

Islam is truly peaceful and very nice people

susan barkly

Italy 30 Jan - 12:24 PM

i am a fairly new Muslin as i converted a short time ago and this is just perfect and simply written to understand all aspects of Islam Thankyou for your good work and keep it up


United States 10 Jan - 03:09 AM

Beautiful sight.Thank you.


Malaysia 4 Jan - 06:09 AM

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Brothers and Sister, May Allah reward you His Rahmat upon all of you. Insyaallah Aminn


United States 22 Nov - 07:07 PM

I believe that Islam is the true religion. There is no other God but God himself. Salam

Bashir Muhammad Bukar

Nigeria 11 Nov - 03:10 PM

Islam is true religion

Javaria mansoor

United Arab Emirates 21 Oct - 05:14 PM

It's a great website..

Ayuba Abdulkareem Ismail

Nigeria 18 Oct - 01:44 AM

It really a great site

Muhammad Buhari Abubakar

Nigeria 17 Oct - 12:52 AM

Assalamu alaikum. May Allah reward you abundantly. Ameen


United States 16 Oct - 06:41 AM

I want to learn more about Muslim


Unknown 14 Oct - 03:03 AM

hi everyone. it is great site. thanks for all.


Egypt 7 Oct - 11:31 PM

thanks alot

Khaled Alhussein

Germany 6 Oct - 02:10 PM

A great Website

Shwan Faeq M Khalid

United States 26 Sep - 07:08 AM

thanks for this site


Germany 16 Sep - 02:25 PM

thanks a lot


United States 13 Sep - 05:02 AM

Love the website.


India 24 Aug - 12:31 AM

Thanks to all of you I finally took my Shahdah and accepted Islam . Thanks to sister Dina I could say my Shahdah. May Allah bless all of you . Ameen.


United States 1 Mar - 10:47 AM

flawless website useful link


United States 28 Feb - 10:19 PM

high web site useful link


United States 28 Feb - 09:27 PM

decent resource recommended site

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